Where to find a 1920 s inspired fancy dress

Halloween season is upon us and if you're not keen on dressing up as a bloodied zombie, you might consider a more dignified route. A 1920 s style fancy dress is the way to go if you wish to evoke a bygone era of carefree flamboyance.

Do you want to dress as a flapper? FunFancyDress.com has several colours and styles of lovely costumes that will make you the envy of every person at the party. Currently, the company has several costumes marked down. For example, the deluxe flapper costume was originally £37.58, but is down to £31.32. The flapper dress comes in three colours: turquoise, purple, and red. The top portion is sequinned, the bottom has a double layer of fringe that "flaps" when you dance. The costume also comes with a feathered headband, which completes the look nicely. More 1920s costumes are here: http://www.funfancydress.com/_fancy-dress_/theme-1920s.htm

If you're looking for something that can wear for more fancy or every day occasions outside of the Halloween, LeLuxe Clothing Co. has several options. You can purchase The Bohemia dress for $95, which is a nice cotton embroidered frock to knock about in. They also have 1920s beaded gowns that start at about $200 and come in a variety of styles and colours to fit your needs. You needn't keep a currency converter open in a separate screen while searching. Leluxe does quite a bit of international business, and under each item, you'll see a currency converter under the heading "Shopper Tools." Have a look at the beauties they offer here: http://www.leluxeclothing.com/1920s-beaded-gowns-c-7.html

If you're handy with a thread and needle, you're in luck. 1920s style dresses are amazing easy to make, and patterns are readily available to those who wish to sew their own creations. Habithat.co.uk has an Historical Patterns section with several styles of dresses from the decade. Once you locate the category on the left option bar, click it, and scroll down to choose 1920s. There you'll find 10 beautiful and authentic patterns to help you look like you stepped out of a page of Vogue or Harper's Bazaar. Perhaps you want to sew yourself a tea frock or an Asian-inspired cocoon coat. You can also find a pattern for a 1920 s fancy tango dress, the outfit worn by dance enthusiasts of the era.

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