10 hot accessories for a cool winter

Winter is just around the corner and although you know you have to bundle up and keep cosy, it does not mean that you can't look hot in the cold. Here are several

winter accessories
that you have to have to make sure you look chic whilst all toasty and fuzzy.

Accessories every girl must have

Accessories are extremely important for it can make or break your look. Why not have both the functionality of winter accessories that will keep you warm and at the same time make you look gorgeous? Here are a couple of essential accessories you should have in your wardrobe:

  1. Fur or faux fur

There is no denying fur can keep you warm whether it is a stole or an accent on your shoes or even a coat. It also looks very smart and elegant. Those who are against harvesting real animal coat can always go for faux fur which are inexpensive and will achieve the same look.

  1. Snappy boots

Boots are staples for your winter wardrobe. Find one that is both functional and chic. Your shoes should be lined and must have non-slid soles so you won't slip walking those icy pathways or sidewalks. Knee-high boots are quite warm and they look alluring.

  1. Arm warmer

Ever thought of getting an arm warmer? It will keep your arms warm and at the same time, complement your winter outfits.

  1. Scarf

Everyone must wear a scarf. It is easy to wear it and can enhance your looks in seconds. Choose from classic prints to plain ones. Often, an eye-catching scarf can become the centrepiece of your look.

  1. Socks and tights

Pack in extra warmth for your feet by wearing fuzzy socks. Okay, they might not look that glamorous on you, but you can dress up your lounging clothes at home with some snazzy socks (and slippers). Put them on before slipping in your boots. You can also wear those tights that will keep you warm even if you're wearing a skirt.

  1. Slippers

This brings us to a comfortable pair of slippers that will keep your feet and toes toasty whilst at home. Get yourself a pair of sheepskin house shoes that will not only look great, but is very hot.

  1. Cool shades

Put on a pair of fabulous shades whether you are going skiing or just strolling the avenues on a sunny day. Look for one with polaroid lenses to give your eyes max protection.

  1. Mittens or gloves

Whether you opt for leather or woollen gloves, they not only keep your extremities warm, but can also enhance your overall look.

  • Slinky heels

Sure, it may be cold, but that does not mean you will be banished to wearing closed shoes in the next 3 to 4 months. For indoor activities or even apres skiing, make sure you have a pair of slinky platforms or stilettos to complement your cocktail or evening dresses.

  1. Fedora hat

Make sure you have at a fedora hat in your closet that will quickly enhance your look to boho or classic chic.

  1. Beanies
And, if you would like to keep your head warm and comfortable get a beanie that will look chic whether you are wearing jeans or office garbs.

Do not forget

There you have them, the top 10 winter essentials that you should have for the cold months. Do not forget a woman's most important accessory - the handbag. You should also get a pair of fuzzy ear warmers or earmuffs to protect your ears when temperatures are dangerously low.

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