Watch your step, Wixson!

Seventeen-year-old Lindsey Wixson, the latest darling of the fashion world, came crashing down on the catwalk at a Versace show in Milan last night. As she made her return trip down the runway the teenager took a mighty tumble in a towering pair of glittery platformsMailOnline reports.

But last night’s fall wasn’t the teenager’s first catwalk faux pas; Wixson also made headlines earlier this year when she tripped several times at the Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief fundraiser in Cannes. The seemingly accident prone model, who hails from Witchita, Kansas, managed to make light of last night’s stumble by raising her arms in victory once she was back on her feet and the effect of her fall was so dramatic that some members of the audience believed that she had fallen on purpose, but the teen has since confirmed that her trip was definitely unplanned.

Wixson’s soaring career has seen her appear in campaigns for some of the biggest names in the industry from Alexander McQueen to Mulberry and the fall is unlikely to have a negative impact on her future, but not all models could survive such clamorous catwalk goings on, a model agency insider revealed.

Talking to MailOnline about a similar incident where a girl tripped on her dress whilst modelling for the Amanda Wakeley show in London this week the source revealed that catwalk falls can be career suicide.

'It's quite common for girls to be quietly dropped by their agents after tripping or falling during a show. As far as the designers are concerned the model's job is to make the clothes look fantastic. That's compromised when she starts stumbling down the catwalk like a drunk’. Luckily for Wixson, though, if Naomi Campbell is anything to go by, models with existing high profiles can normally withstand a few stumbles. Which, considering the height of those heels, is a good job!

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