Marc Jacobs, Spring / Summer 2010

Life is a cabaret and the whole world is a stage! Exactly the sentiment Marco Jacobs had in mind for his Spring/Summer collection 2010 which he presented at New York Fashion Week recently. The show, dominated by themes of theatre, opera and dance was equal parts Geisha, equal parts 'Poirrot. (To say that Marc Jacobs designs for woman not afraid to mix up styles and fabrics for the sheer fun of being different is a little bit of an understatement.)

Ruffles, pleats, and transparent Aladdin trousers as soft as pyjamas featured, as did velvet, jersey, silk, tulle, sequins, beads and party chignon with a predominantly Japanese slant. (Rei Kawakubo and Comme des Garçons were huge influences.)

Check out video footage of the show. Fabulous.

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